Meet Jett

I’m a freelance writer and novelist based in beautiful Central Florida (previously in Denver, Colorado). I’ve worked in the film and television industry for over a decade providing professional production support and craft services to clients such as American Idol, Fox Films, Coors, Discovery Channel, Weather Channel, Food Network, Range Rover, Jeep-Chrysler-Dodge, and more. I have a personal area of expertise in volunteer work, travel, Christian ministry, and working with South Asian immigrants and refugees. Some of my other areas of focus include productivity, writing advice, and history. I also offers services for transcription, fiction critique, and content editing.

My favorite genre to write is speculative fiction. I am currently editing my third completed novel, The Walker Was. I also regularly maintain a blog on spirituality and culture called Kneeling in the Dark. Some of my published work includes articles for RelevantMagazine.comThe Write Life, and ProductionHUB.

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