cropped-JettFarrell-WritersPicture.jpgGreetings! I’m Jett Farrell-Vega, a freelance writer based in beautiful Central Florida (previously Denver, Colorado), and I can’t think of a career I love more than writing and storytelling.

My day job for the last decade has been in the film and television industry, providing production support and craft services for clients such as American Idol, Fox Films, Discovery Channel, Food Network, Range Rover, Jeep-Chrysler-Dodge, and more. Basically, those two jobs mean that I help make on-set problems disappear, or I keep the crew well-fed and healthy. I’ve had the pleasure of working with respected industry professionals like the Emmerich Brothers, Noam Murro, Victoria Beckham, Devin Supertramp, WWE Superstar Cody Rhodes, Eric Roberts, and Dean Cain.  My education includes an A.A.S in Film Production at the Film School at Scottsdale Community College, as well as a B.F.A in Film, Theater, and Television Production at the University of Colorado Denver. My time in the industry has given me a wealth of experience to draw on for writing, as well as extensive knowledge on production of commercials, features, and reality television.

One of the professional services I offer is transcription for documentary and reality TV footage. I have years of experience turning mountains of footage into readable scripts. Some of my previous clients include Food Network Challenge, Cake Boss, Weather Channel’s Prospectors, and University of Colorado Hospital. Shoot me an email if you would like a consult.

As of 2017, I also work as a Youth and Worship Pastor in Central Florida. Previously, my husband I worked among Denver’s South Asian immigrant population, particularly among the Bhutanese-Nepali refugees. These are individuals whose citizenship in the country of Bhutan was revoked due to their Nepali heritage (which tied into a number of complex political issues). They faced horrendous human rights violations, and the majority of the teens my husband and I work with were born in refugee camps in Nepal. Thousands have been brought to the United States and are now on the path to citizenship. I also had the pleasure of participating in a mission to Uganda, Africa. I write about Christianity and culture on my blog, Kneeling in the Dark, and also contribute to RelevantMagazine.com. I’m available for speaking and teaching opportunities through the missions organization we’re under, Global Outreach Foundation.

As a freelance writer, I have a number of areas of expertise. I particularly enjoy writing about productivity, lifehacks, and tips for other writers. I also have strong experience in travel, particularly regarding Walt Disney World trip planning, Hawaii, Colorado, and Arizona. Other specialties include history, literature, reviews, and software tips for programs like Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop, and Chrome.

As far as narrative work, I love speculative fiction. I am currently editing my third completed novel, The Walker Was, which is the first in an epic fantasy series about the adventures of a company of rangers. I received an honorable mention in Writer’s Digest’s Annual Writing Contest for my screenplay, Persephone, and I am hopeful to sell my first narrative piece this year. You can read excerpts of my fiction on the Books page. Along with writing my own work, I regularly participate in critiquing other writers’ work. Contact me if you are interested in copy editing or fiction critique services.