• The Walker Was Series – Epic Fantasy Adventure
    • “Best in the Kingdom” – Short Story, Fantasy-Humor (Excerpt)
      • Lila is a country girl living a quiet life in the rural province of Weidfeld. All of that changes when she wakes up to learn she’s been kidnapped by a gregarious burglar named Starling for an unknown purpose. With nowhere to run, she’s whisked away with the self-proclaimed “Best Burglar in the Kingdom” on a perilous journey  fraught with unknown assailants, Sartorian land pirates, and the machinations of a vindictive sorcerer.
    • The Walker Was – Novel, Fantasy-Adventure – Book One in Series (Excerpt)
      • After eight years on the run, haunted by the shadows of a past she can’t remember, Ardra has finally settled into a peaceful life as a prospector in the high mountains of the Westlynds. She’s content to let alone and be left alone, until she’s forced to intervene in a deadly situation to rescue a pair of kidnapped children. With blood on her hands, she’s dragged into a hidden war between vengeful brigands, unnatural wild folk, and a mysterious society of protectors– the rangers of the Yetherym.